Alor’s friendly inhabitants are the original source of those beautiful Ikat fabrics sold in Bali. Remote and pristine, Alor’s waters offer masses of swirling, schooling fish and a comparable diversity of rare and weird critters on the reefs. Alor is macro photographer’s dream.

Alor (Indonesian: Pulau Alor) is the largest island in the Alor Archipelago covering an area of 2,800 km2, and is one of the 92 officially listed outlying islands of Indonesia. It is located at the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands that runs through southeastern Indonesia, which from the west include such islands as Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, and Flores.

Alor Island’s is one of the world class dive site in Indonesia. Home to one of the best coral reef and marine life of diving Indonesia. Alor Divers is an intimate eco dive resort.