The Story of Our Scuba Diving

After studying Scuba Diving from various Dive Agencies (PADI, DSAT, IANTD, SSI, IART, NAUI), working in the Dive Center with a highly Solid Local Team, Dive Resort with a challenging International Team, visiting from one island to another island by using LOB. This is the moment where we have to share Knowledge and Experience with who needs it. Although it is now very easy to get information about anything through but meet, chat while drinking coffee with the Professional Divers are more cool. For that, we choose big cities in Indonesia who have not profesional divers yet. Generally, the trully divers are live in dive destination, not in a town.

One of the cities we chose as a place to share knowledge and experience about Scuba Diving is Surabaya. Without reducing our respect for Professional Divers who has been in Surabaya for many years, our presence is more as a complement and additional options to be more varied. Hopefully our presence will give many benefits and to be able to work together with Dive Operator, Dive Center, Professional Divers and all Scuba Diving developments in Surabaya.

One Stop Service
Scuba Diving is not just an underwater activity with breathing aids for recreation, research, or for work, but also lifestyle. Where the identity as a diver can be seen from what is in use such as clothes, hats, sandals, watches, necklaces, and stickers on car or phone.

For that as the Dive Center, our service are:
1. Pre Entry Level
Through the Try Scuba Program, we not only introduce Scuba Diving in the pool, but more to character forming of the Recreation Dives responsible for themselves and the environment.

2. Rental Equipment,
By hiring Dive Pro at our place, our Dive Pro will be happy to give you suggestion or drop down directly to help the exercises if in need.

3. Dive Courses
Through SSI, NAUI and PADI Dive Agency we will teach you how to become an independent Recreation Diver starting from the ground level.

4. Student Center
Our Dive Pro will adjust to the needs of students in dive learning, because by then it will build a good Recreational Divers based on the Level.

5. Scuba Diving Practice
Our friend says “Practice make Perfect” may be true, but for us before joining Open Trip, Dive Trip or LOB, it should prepare it in pool for the first time, in order to be better in the trip.

6. Open Trip to Gili Ketapang – Probolinggo, Pasir Putih – Situbondo, Ketapang – Banyuwangi,
beside increase your experience, we will use for up your grade skills and knowledge to become Recreation Divers to be better.

7. Try Scuba Diving
Give you opportunities for those who do not have a Diving license to get experience as Recreation Diver in open water.

8. Snorkeling
This program is perfect for your vacation with family or colleagues in full beach atmosphere. We will also teach you how to dive from the water surface by using snorkeling equipment.

9. Dive Trip
Visit many dive spots around Indonesia as well as to improve the ability as a Recreation Diver to dive in different spots. It is good for divers because each Dive spots has their uniqueness.

10. Live on Board or LOB
It is not just eat, drink, and sleep on the Ship, but many things can enjoyed from one island to another island. The most cool of LOB is able to reach and diving in a virgin dive spot. Imagine it. You will enjoy the natural coral reefs along wide various fishes in it.

11. Dive Shop
Beside to provide the scuba divers need of dive equipment, our Dive shop also offers you dive accessories and many more. Our dive pro will also give you objective suggestion for your dive equipment based on their experience in diving so you can get what you need.

12. Service Center
Scuba diving is an activity that is highly dependent on the dive tools. So, it is proper for the divers to treats and repairs regularly the dive tools in order to always ready anytime need.

13. Equipment Care
We also provide the diving equipment washing service by using Slat X to remove the residual sea water.

14. Information Center
By the heart, we will share those knowledge and experience related to Scuba Diving with anyone who needs it.